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PART IV. Die Errors:

Die Damage:

Die Dent

Definition: An area of the die is damaged by a known or unknown object, which leaves a recess in the die face.  The die dent therefore appears raised on the coin.

The reverse die of this 1991(P) Lincoln cent shows the affects of a dent die. A raised anomaly is seen running from the A of STATES, through the PL of PLURIBUS, the UN of UNUM and down to the roof of the Lincoln Memorial building.


In this case, the nature and origin of the object that caused the die dent is unknown.


This coin is courtesy of Joe Koelling.

An unusual die dent is seen on a proof 2005-S Kansas statehood quarter pictured below. The dent, indicated by an arrow, resembles a "hoof print” on the right flank of the bison.

This image is courtesy of Chris Machuga.